I am a Yorkshire lass, always have been and regardless of where I end up, I always will be. My happy place is the Yorkshire Dales, and I am longing to relocate there. A bucket list item for sure! My family and I currently live in Bradford. There are no secretes here, it is a place I have mixed feelings about and will do my entire life through.  

I am a mum, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a granddaughter, friend, hobby baker, and employee. The list could continue but I am hoping that will be a draw point going forward here so I am making the promise to not hit all the buttons at once.  

My current aim with my blog is to get back to one of my all-time favourite obsessions which is writing. Being a little lost through motherhood has seen this passion drop to the wayside but I would really like to rekindle my affection for words and throwing them together.  

If you are searching for something perfect, then you will never find it here. What you will find is honest writing, some of the time it will be messy and grammatically incorrect. You may even find some spelling errors, because despite my best efforts I always miss something when I edit myself. Enjoy it; and feel free to laugh about it because I will. 

I welcome you to my safe space. Make yourself a cosy drink, grab some snacks and please do enjoy the read. 

Love Always,  
xox, L 

4 thoughts on “About – The Lass Behind the Blog

  1. You still keeping positive Lotty? 🙂

    I’m thinking I may need you for some social media advice…annnd seeing as my mouth is creaming right now from your blog you can help me bake too 😛

    MY BOOK: http://www.brendancorbett.com

    What is your onion (not a typo, just for giggles instead of opinion) of my front cover design?

    Talk soon



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