“I’m Not a Dance Mum”

I’m not a dance mum.  

Delilah did her first dance show with her dance academy the weekend just gone. She loved every single second. Getting her hair and makeup done, hanging out with her dance buddies, sharing snacks and giggling at everything possible. Ever single dancer, dance mum/chaperone and teacher were very sweet with her for the duration of all three shows.  

I’ve got to admit, I was dreading it. Spending 2 full days of a 2 day weekend backstage of a theatre, but in a little self-confession, I really enjoyed it. To see my little unicorn girl having the time of her life, connecting with other mums and having genuine conversations with them really did make my weekend. Do not get me wrong, I will not be renouncing my hermit lifestyle just yet. I would however happily do it all again. 

Oh my days, my little miss; she got up on that stage and for the most part remembered the choreography, but when her little finale came (for each show) – well. She just stole the show. She danced like there was no one watching, bouncing about, arms in the air, twirling and spinning. The music stole her from reality, and she was all of herself, all by herself on her own. I mean she wasn’t for a second doing what she was supposed to be for that finale, but she was loving life! She loved it when the crowd roared as she flung her arms in the air right at the last second of music. It was heart-warming to watch. A memory forever for me at least. 

 “I’m not a dance mum” I hear myself say as I replay a chat with another dance mum prior to the show who says the same thing. Although, I see the draw to it now.  

Being part of something, especially for your kids, has a real pull; seeing them do something that lights them up is magically. Despite my inner introvert edging away and thinking its going to be a high school on steroids community, it really wasn’t. I dread social events 90% of the time, and on the build-up to this I was forcing myself to participate. I have no regrets for doing so and seeing it through.  I have never felt more comfortable with another group of mums. Every single one of those women cheered on all the kids, not just their own. Everyone pitched into help ready them for stage, and I felt no worry in having to nip to the loo and leave Delilah with them.  

That group of mums really gave me a little moral boost and an insight into what we should be expecting and accept around our children. I’ve not been met with that before. Those kind of mama’s are my kind of mamas! And please don’t get me wrong, I have friends who are brilliant mum’s and this piece comes with no digs at anyone in the slightest. I just do not spend that kind of time with them alongside their kids to have a pre knowledge of what to expect. I know that is my own hermit, introverted self’s fault. It was however genuinely nice to see the nice, and so worth perservering with.  

That makes me a dance mum; because my little one loves it so therefore, she is a dancer, ergo I am a dance mum.  

What things do you build up to be that bad, then to find they’re not that bad at all? 

Xox, L.