Grassington has continually been a source of peace for me. I love it in that little village. There’s a certain road on the way, that as soon as the wheels hit, I feel at home. It’s a deep breath and a release of everything as soon as we cross that line.

Once a year Grassington, for as long as I can remember have put on a Christmas fair. Covid and lock down stopped us getting there for a couple of years, but I have memories of it going back to when I was young. It always made me feel the most Christmasy. Something both Rob and I want our kids to feel too.

It’s the first year after all the mess the government in combination with covid made, and we loved it. Parking a fair distance away, practically pulling the kids along to get to the stalls (it’s a very big hill from where we parked), the “I don’t want to wall, my legs hurt”, refusals of gloves and hats from the not so verbal tot AND IT SNOWED!

The fair was relatively small from what it used to be , but then it has been a little while; so airing with caution with what they put on I guess. It was still magical to me. The cobbled streets busy with walkers looking for a festive treat, eating street food and people watching. Dogs, oh my so many dogs to look at and admire. It was just a very good, very Yorkshire day.

It felt very good for the soul.

Delilah’s highlight was building the tiniest snowman, which she named Smoochie. Euan enjoyed watching the dogs around the village as much as I did. It did give us a festive boost.

The biggest boost is to come, when Delilah finishes school for the holidays. We can’t wait.

I’m happy to report that the elves have been keeping the babies entertained. Although unfortunately they had to refuse to move on the one occasion, because the kids were being totally feral. Hopefully the elves can stay till Christmas eve and then off they pop back to the North pole for the next year.

We’ve breakfast with Santa which Nana and Grandad are doing and then their actual Santa visit mid week where we will take them. Trying to squeeze in lots of things for our family festivities, let’s make all the memories.

What’s your Christmas countdown looking like? Do you like to stay busy or are you happy with quiet? Would you cancel all together?

Love always,