I have been meaning to write this post for literally the longest time. I have no will power, or ‘motivation’ at the moment but I have not for an age anyway. I have talked myself into it by using the “you are never going to feel like it so you might as well just get on with it” mind set. And here we are.  Writing. Now I have just got to work up to schedule the post going live and launch this website. There is never a right time, which I keep trying to remind myself of. Just get on with it.  

I am Lotty. Mother, wife, daughter, granddaughter, friend, employee and considering (currently) business owner and/or student. This is my life blog. The beauty and chaos of it all. Oh look, there’s my tag line for the first time this writing season; and it probably wont be the last time you see that. My style will vary. My entries will and can be any length and my ability to post on a schedule at the moment is sporadic despite my best efforts. This is my truth for the moment, but hey, I may surprise you (or even myself) and I might be able to stick to a loose time scale. Who knows?! (NOT ME) but lets go with that anyway. 

With my truth ousted, I welcome you and hope you will stay with me and my ramblings a little while. If you’ve been here before, thank you. It means a lot when anyone reads me let alone sticks around. Frankly, I think you are the bees’ knees.  

I promise the next post won’t be too long away, and it’ll have a bit more umph too. Right now, ‘just do it’ is playing on loop in my head and I must put a stop to it, realise my dreams of being a blogger again and get on with it. 

I very much hope to see you soon,  
L, xox 

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